Healing from trauma takes time, like any other form of pain, but it is important.

Trauma. Often a result of an overwhelming amount of stress. A death of a loved one or an end to a meaningful relationship, these can all lead to Trauma. Pretending that everything is fine when in reality, nothing is. When you don’t have a healthy way to deal with trauma, you can start to repress your negative emotions. It can be hard to recognize unresolved trauma on the surface and especially in ourselves.

1. Low self-esteem

There are many different ways that trauma can skew your self-image, usually if it is rooted in your early childhood experiences. Neglect and abandonment can lead you…

It’s been a while…

Hey, how are you? It’s been quite a while since we last caught up. You’re asking what I’ve been up to? Well, not a lot honestly.

When we did the new years countdown with our friends, celebrating with everyone around, I had this bulletproof sense of purpose that can be observed within heroes in movies and young, dumb college freshmen. I was sure that this year is going to finally be the year I break out of the endless cycle of sleep, study, eat, and repeat.

I wanted my life to finally be like the ones we see on screens…

When do we realize that there is no right time, rather, there’s just time

We all have days where we just want to relax and not do anything, days that we wish we can lie in bed, watching Netflix, or scrolling TikTok. We always tend to want to wait for the right time, and in some cases, sure that’s the best thing to do. But most of the time, the opportunities don’t come to us, we need to chase them, can’t just sit here idling and waiting for the star to align.

For the longest time I was seen as the ‘smart’ kid, I got the good grades, my parents spent massive amounts of…

How much of your life would you consider a success

Just about 2 hours ago, I was walking back from the park, on my way home, it suddenly started bucketing with heavy winds. And I was still 2 miles from home. I take a specific route on the way home that passes a row of trees. I wasn’t that stressed as it was just a short path, and I even get some cover from the trees. Little did I know, today was different. As I slowly traversed the path, the wind picked up, and soon a tree fell. Three feet in front of me, 3 feet! …

Mother: does her best to make sure her children grow up and have a wonderful life

My mom is always the first person I go to whenever I feel down, anxious, or have exciting news to share. She one of the first people I call, the only person I trust completely. She’s there to celebrate my wins, to help me through my losses, and cheers me on through my struggles. This is one relationship that I am forever going to be grateful for. Her constant guidance through life may be the most important help I’ll ever need.

It’s as if my mom knows what’s nonsearchable, knowledge not contained on the internet, on Google. Of course, when…

But you shouldn’t

Nowadays, it seems like whenever you ask anyone what they want to do in life they answer with: “Change the world.” It’s a popular ambition and often admired, CEO and leaders and celebrities endorse the idea. Books are written about taking the next step to helping shape the earth. Do something big. Create impact.

But why do we want to change the world so much? All we know about life is our subjective experience of it, our perception of the world is just all inside our head. The world we get to experience is only in our heads. We feel…

Self-harm is complicated, but misleading information and stereotyping make it even harder to understand

Self-harming is common in young people suffering from depression and anxiety, but also affects people of all ages. Self-harm is sometimes also known as self-injury, which includes deliberately hurting your own body, with activities such as cutting and burning. All a result of emotional pain and trauma, anger, and frustration. It’s a complicated subject, which can lead to other people not taking the issue seriously, even in some cases where people disregard the suffering of others just because they are self-harming.

Before I go further, I would like to acknowledge that this content can be triggering and is created for…

You don’t trust yourself and need the others’ validation

Self-love is an important aspect of your wellbeing. It forms the way you view yourself and your relationship with others. There are so many factors to what can and cannot affect your level of self-love. Growing up in an undesirable situation can make loving yourself incredibly difficult.

Low self-esteem and low self-love may not be categorized as a mental illness, but there are clear links to our emotional and mental wellbeing. Research by PsychCentral reveals that there is a potent link between low self-love and mental health issues. …

At the end of your life, you only regret the things you didn’t do

We all have these dreams and ambitions, some of us know exactly what we want to do with our lives, yet we don’t seem to take any action. We are stopped by this constant fear of rejection, failure, and being judged.

So instead of acting upon these goals, you spend time getting ‘ready’. Watching videos, reading books, and waiting for the opportunities to come to you. People often end up waiting for months, even years, just sitting there waiting for their time to finally come. Progress never gets made.

Although, fear is a good thing, what you need to understand…

Maybe sometimes it’s better than actually staying

I am still young and am not married but my parents are, barely. This is written from a son’s perspective of their marriage. There are always ups and downs, in friendships, relationships, and marriages, but when do you draw the line between its just a fight and it just isn’t working out.

It has been troubling for a long time, argument upon argument, making up only for a few weeks, and then repeat. It got more seriously a few months ago, I was having a small argument with my dad in the living room and we somehow manage to drift…

Jensen Li

Climate Change Enthusiast. Melbourne, Australia. Student Writer. Coffee Obsessed.

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