Hormones? No Hormones?

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A study done in mid-2008 done by Australia’s $8 Billion beef industry reveals that one in three costumers would never touch Australian beef product ever again if told that hormones were being used in production. Another 39% said that they would eat less. Well the thing is, they are, hormones are being uses daily for almost half of all of Australia’s 28 million cattle. They were at some point plugged with hormone to produce the meat products people enjoy everyday, like steaks, burgers, roast, sausages and the mince for your spag bol.

A $4 cartridge is implanted behind the cattle’s ear, and that last about 3 months, and typically returns at least ten time value in extra meat, saving time and fodder. HGP (Hormones growth promotant) are what is used in these animal. Behind the ear is where the HGP plug is put. A slender cartridge slowly releases metal ball bearings and hormones pallets that are injected into the cow, with a bolt gun. Much of the process seem inhumane and just straight up cruel.

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At the end of the day, whatever our customer wants. we’ll do it. The product is just going to cost us more, so we have to charge you more.

The hormone-free cattle often are kept on the same farms, they grow about 1.6kg (3.5 pounds) which comparison to the hormone-boosted cattle, they put on more than 2kgs (4.4 pounds) in a day. Places that don’t use any hormones on their cattle usually need more fodder, these cattle also require to be set in the feedlot for several extra week to reach targeted weight.

Feedlots. Turns every season into spring, People call this workplace a farm, but its is a far from that, but not yet a factory. The processing yard, where cattle from all over Australia are unloaded, weighed, scanned and vaccinated if required. Contrary to common belief the animals are not fed antibiotics unless they are actually sick

“Great, that’s chicken’s problem”

In media, hormones are only portrayed to be in chickens, leading many customers to believe that beef products don’t contain any hormone additives. It is scary known that people buy beef products without known what is actually in them.

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None of this information would appear in the industries profiles as they want to keep this procedure quiet. Beef industries usually tiptoe around this matter as many are afraid of unleashing public concern about animal welfare and food safety.

We as costumers should not be encouraging these industries, they add hormones because of customer demand, give up a little bit of your money just for the animals, buy the organic, hormone free products, support those businesses that are trying to better, instead of earning a lot of money. People just don’t give enough crap about this and it is a pressing matter, like we should take our time and money and spend it on something good and meanwhile run the companies that use hormone out of business until they give us what we want. Organic, Hormone-free products.

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