Top 7 TV series to binge in Quarantine

This is obviously my opinion, leave yours in the comments if you would like.

7. 13 Reasons Why

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The controversial teen drama show that follows the story of Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) a teenager that commit suicide because of 13 reasons that she recorded before suicide. It follows mainly Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) listening to Hannah tape about the 12 people that influenced the reason why she did what she did.

Rate: 6.8/10

6. How to Get Away with Murder

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Suspense filled thriller featuring Viola Davis as Annelise Keating, the genius criminal defense professor, with a group of five student she picked to work along side her. This unravel unexpectedly, having the group also known as the Keating 5 being caught up with many unexpected event. The endless cliffhangers, flash forwards and endless secrets that lead them to all being suspects in a massive murder case.

Rate: 7.6/10

5. The Flash

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The Flash, a fast paced superhero series about Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), Central City police forensic scientist, after an unexpected event his whole life changed, waking up as someone else, something else, The Flash. After waking up from a Coma Barry is now the Flash, teaming up with Cisco Ramon, Harrison Wells and Caitlin Snow, fighting off other meta-human which were the results of the explosion of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator. The series is fulled with intense action, heartbreak moments and suspense.

Rate: 8.2/10

4. Lucifer

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The Devil himself, Lucifer Morningstar, the story follows Lucifer (Tom Ellis) the devil that has gotten bored of life in hell, surfaces on earth in Los Angeles, the city of angels. While he’s spending time on earth, he better understands humanity and helps them. His power allows him to bring out peoples deepest desires. He continues to help humans and along with Detective Decker, and becomes the LAPD consultant

Rate: 8.6/10

3. Brooklyn 99

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Brooklyn 99, the comedy crime show, our beloved Jake Peralta (Andy Samburg) our favorite immature, but talented detective and the rest of the NYPD 99th Precinct. The sitcom follows the lives these detectives in a New York precinct.

Rate: 8.9/10

2. Arrow

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The story of spoiled playboy billionaire Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), who was missing and presumed dead after this yacht was lost in sea. He returns five year later as a different man, he is determined to clean up the cities evil as a hooded vigilante, armed with only a bow and arrow. He has become someone else, something else…

Rate: 9.2/10

1. Supernatural

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By far my favorite TV show, the show revolves around two brothers, the Winchester, Dean and Sam, as they follow their fathers footstep and go hunt evil supernatural creatures, like werewolves, vampires and shapeshifters, at least that season 1, soon after that they are introduced to demons, angels, reapers, death and even God himself. It is action packed including lots of disagreements between brothers, leading them to trouble.

Rate: 9.7/10

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